August 15 2017


Honors Chemistry first day (actually second day) stuff- going over rules, expectations, all that jazz...

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May 5 2017

Organic3 notes

Organic chemistry notes looking at organic functional groups.

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Organic2 notes

Organic chemistry notes getting into alkanes, alkenes and alkynes

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Organic1 notes

Getting into the basics of organic chemistry starting with alkanes

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May 1 2017


A review of acids and base that we have covered so far this unit.

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March 17 2017


Honors Chemistry lecture over Gibb's Free Energy (free energy) and reaction spontaneity.

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March 13 2017


Honors Chemistry lecture over caliorimetry, heats of formation and heats of reaction.

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January 27 2017


Honors Chemistry podcast over chemical kinetics and rate laws.

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August 15 2016


AP Chemistry lecture over acid/base titration curves

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AP Chemistry lecture over acids, bases and pH.

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