January 13 2016


Honors Chemistry lecture over precipitates and net ionic equations.

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October 12 2015


AP Chemistry lecture over equilibrium, the extent of a reaction and the reaction quotient.

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October 8 2015


Honors Chemistry lecture 3-2 over the periodic trends in atomic and ion size.

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September 30 2015

AP Sulfur Clock Kinetics Lab

AP Chemistry insturctions for our sulfur clock kinetics lab to be watched before the lab in class!

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September 17 2015

New Stoich Review

This is a long (around an hour) review of stoichiometry that you will need to do well in chemistry! AP kids should watch this the first week of class!

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August 14 2015


AP Chemistry lecture getting into electrochemistry and voltages!

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April 3 2015


College Prep Chemistry lecture reviewing independent and dependent variables.

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March 5 2015


P Chemistry lecture over PES or photoelectric spectrum and some other stuff.

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Honors Chemistry lecture over weak base problems and Kb.

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Honors Chemistry lecture over weak acid Ka problems.

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