May 22 2018

Day One Honors CP Chemistry

Day one stuff, rules and expectations for Honors College Prep Chemistry.

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September 1 2017


Chasing the Units! Talking about how important units are in calculations and how you can sometimes get to an answer even if you don't have the equation you need by getting your units to work out.

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August 23 2017


Podcast for Honors Chemistry over expectation and how I'd like your podcast notebook to look. Get those easy points!

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August 16 2017


Honors Chemistry lecture 1-6, a review of significant figures and conversions.

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August 15 2017


Honors Chemistry first day (actually second day) stuff- going over rules, expectations, all that jazz...

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September 3 2013


Honors Chemistry lecture over the first day stuff...

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June 19 2013


Honors Chemistry Podcast over some basics of chemistry covered in chapter one of the text.

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June 21 2012


Honors Chemistry lecture 1-5 over significant figures and unit conversions.

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Honors Chemistry lecture 1-4 over significant figures.

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Honors Chemistry lecture 1-3 over measurements and the metric system.

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