September 7 2018

Hess’s Law Lab

New- over instrutction on preforming the Hess's Law lab in class. Please watch before showing up to class to do the lab!

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August 16 2017


AP Chemistry explaining what will be expected for formal lab reports.

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September 30 2015

AP Sulfur Clock Kinetics Lab

AP Chemistry insturctions for our sulfur clock kinetics lab to be watched before the lab in class!

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September 12 2013


AP Chemistry instructions on how perform the Hess's Law lab in class.

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May 22 2013


Explaining how a formal lab write-up for AP chemistry should be done.

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December 7 2012


Ap Chemistry electrochemistry voltaic cell lab- watch before the podcast!

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November 12 2012


AP Chemistry acid base titration lab instructions using the pH probes to do titration pH curves.

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October 10 2012


AP Chemistry instruction for my students to watch before they do the solubility product constant (Ksp) lab in class.

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August 31 2012


AP Chemistry lab instructions for our thermochemistry lab over Hess's Law. Watch before coming to class for the lab so you know what to do!

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